"Fall" Into October Writing Prompts!

Celebrate the magic and mystery of autumn days with a mix of October writing prompts. Let your students choose their favorite prompts from the following list and then develop polished narratives or essays from their selected ideas. Display their work, complete with illustations at your school's fall carnival or parent night. Parents so enjoy the "magic' of their kids' creative successes!
  • What was your most frightening experience? How did everything eventually work out? Did you learn anything from the experience?
  • You are an animal preparing for winter. What kind of animal are you, and how do you prepare?
  • You are a migratory bird. What is your flight plan? Where will you spend the winter? What parts of the country will you fly over to get to your winter destination? What adventures will you have along the way?
  • You are a human giant. How tall are you? What is an ordinary day like for you?
  • You are a one-inch tall human being. Describe your typical day.
  • Design the world's best playground.
  • Design the world's best Halloween costume.
  • Design a new boardgame. Include details: the look of the board, what pieces are needed, the rules of play, and the object of the game. How will you market or sell your new game? And why should anyone buy or play your game?
  • You want to take an expedition to an unknown land or world, and you need to convince your investors to give you the millions of dollars necessary to finance the voyage. What reasons will you give your investors that this trip is worth your time and effort and worth their money? What will they get in return?
  • All of the world's dictionaries have mysteriously vanished. How does this affect society?
  • Organize a festival around an insect. Which bug do you choose? For what reasons? What activities do you include in your celebration?
  • If you were to own a successful business, what kind of business would it be? Describe a typical day in your life as a business owner.
  • What does it mean to be a good citizen? Give examples.
  • If you had the power to grant three wishes that would solve three of the world's most pressing problems, what would they be? Why is it most important to solve those three problems?
  • In your opinion, what are the three most important rules of good manners? What might happen if no one ever followed these three considerations?
  • You are a world-famous magician. You need to develop a new feat of magic that will astound audiences everywhere! What will that trick be? How will you do it?
  • What five things do you enjoy most in life and why?
  • What five things do you dislike most in life and why?
  • What five things do you most want to accomplish in your lifetime?
  • Who are the five happiest people you know? What makes each person happy?
  • Who are the five unhappiest people you know? Why do you suppose each one is so miserable?
  • Invite ten guests to a dinner party! These guests may be people you know or people you've read about. They may be people living now or people who lived in the past. Explain why you would invite each particular person.
  • You are the copywriter for the Chinese fortune cookie factory. What ten new fortunes will you type out today to be inserted into the cookies?
  • When you hear people arguing, what do they argue about? What ten things do you think folks-kids or adults-argue about the most?
  • You are a shiny new quarter! Recount your adventures in detail as you are spent through the day.
  • Design the perfect shopping center. What stores and attractions will you include?
  • Design the perfect robot. What does it do?
  • Design a new restaurant. What is the name and slogan? What's on the menu? What is your specialty? How is the building designed?
  • Create a high-seas adventure story, with pirates, islands, storms, reefs, rocks, maps, treasure, etc.
  • Finish this story: "Strange things are happening with this full moon..."
  • You are the front porch Jack-o-Lantern. What weird and wonderful things do you see, gazing each night onto your neighborhood streets?

Add these ideas to your October lessons. 

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