Spring into Narrative with These Breezy March Writing Prompts!

Celebrate a new season of creativity with these March writing prompts! Any one of the following into-the-water ideas will help your students set sail on the seas of imagination! Browse through this month's selection, and click on the link at the bottom of the page for a copy. Soon your students will be penning imaginative narratives as bright, as crisp as that early spring morning!

  • Today you are in charge of the weekly shopping. What groceries and household items do you need to purchase and why? Do you need to make extra stops at other stores or businesses? Where will you go and why?
  • Discuss the hardest thing you've ever done. What made it so difficult? How did you feel aferward?
  • Describe your favorite part of a typical weekend. Why do you like this part?
  • At the end of the rainbow, I discovered...
  • Describe an ordinary day from the viewpoint of your desk. What does your desk see, feel, and experience on a daily basis?
  • What's the silliest thing you've ever done? Why did you do it?
  • Analyze three ways life would be different if the telephone had never been invented.
  • If you could celebrate the wonderful qualities of any animal for an entire day, which animal would you choose and why? How would you design a holiday that featured this animal?
  • If you could interview any famous explorer in world history, who would you choose and why? Describe the conversation.
  • What's the worst storm you ever experienced? Share as many details as possible.
  • Everyone probably needs to improve their diet in some way. What about you? How can you improve your nutrition on a daily basis?
  • Do you have any collections as a hobby? What do you enjoy most about your collections? If you don't have a collection, what might it be fun to collect?
  • You are given the job of planning a new museum. Where will it be located? What kinds of items and exhibits will you include? What rules will you make for museum visitors?
  • What activity do you enjoy doing so much that you would never give it up? Explain your reasons.
  • Do you enjoy loking at photos in books and magazines? Do you ever take your own pictures? If you had a camera at this very moment, what would you photograph and why?
  • What do you think is the most beautiful building you have ever seen? Where is it? Why is it beautiful to you?
  • What do you think is the ugliest building you have ever seen? Where is it? Why is it unattractive to you?
  • Daydream yourself into an interesting situation. Become anything you like- the commander of a nuclear submarine; an American spy; the first human to step onto the surface of Mars; a world-class chef- anything at all! Now summarize your daydream in rich details and actions.
  • Pretend that you have offered to complete a cleaning task you've never done before: wash windows, scrub the kitchen and bathroom floors, declutter the closets. Describe how you felt when you made the offer, how your parents reacted, and how you felt doing the job.
  • You will live on a desert island for a year. You may take one person with you. Who will you take and why?
  • The kinkajou's tail is twice as long as its body. It curls up its tail to make a comfortable bed. Think of three things you could do if you had a tail twelve feet long.
  • Think of an ordinary brick used in building houses. What are ten other uses for a brick?
  • Finish this story: "I hate girls!" three-year-old Edwin pouted, as he set out for the party.
  • Finish this story: "You can't join the circus!" Kevin exclaimed, as his eighty-three-year-old grandmother packed a backpack.
  • Finish thsi story; "I WILL run for office, even if NO ONE wants me!" the candidate shouted stubbornly.
  • Finish this story: "My voice sounds like a frog's," croaked Robert.
  • Finish this story: Within thirty minutes, twenty people had reported the sighting of a flying saucer above the capital building. The governor called up the National Guard.
  • If you could keep only one of the following- car, computer, refrigerator, or television- which one would you keep and why?
  • Dream up a new flavor of ice cream. It must be truly new, one never marketed before, delicious, and popular.
  • You are a junk-artist, an artist who creates sculptures from junk and found objects. What do you create? What do you do with it?
  • Closely examine your left shoe. Describe it so thoroughly that anyone could identify it, even if it were mixed in a pile of thirty other left shoes.

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