Creative Writing Sparkles with These June Writing Prompts

Six months into the year, these lively June writing prompts offer plenty of possibilities to reassess students' growth as authors. Print copies of the complete list for classroom distribution and allow students to select their favorite ideas for individual workshop pieces. Or assign specific prompts for daily or weekly writing. The sky's the limit!

  • Using vivid images from all five senses, describe the perfect summer day.
  • The appliances in your house can now walk and talk. Describe the conversations you might have with them.
  • What's the best thing and the worst thing about a rainy day?
  • What's the best thing and the worst thing about a sunny day?
  • Tomorrow you are packing your bags and moving to another country. Where are you moving? Explain.
  • Finish this story: "Maura stood at the pool's edge, poised to dive. She listened for the starting signal, her heart pounding..."
  • You can time-travel into the future. How far will you go? Into what century and where? How will life be different?
  • Think of five accomplishments of which you are most proud. What are they? Why do you feel the way you do about them?
  • Create a story with these two characters: a horse trainer and a blind man.
  • Imagine a story with these two characters: a clown and a wealthy widow.
  • Invent a story with these two characters: a park ranger and a camp counselor.
  • Compose a story with these two characters: a spelling champion and a rookie cop.
  • What fears have you overcome? How did you face your fears? Describe your experiences.
  • What decisions have you made recently? Why did you make them? What happened as a result of these decisions?
  • What do you dream of doing one day? Explain.
  • Choose a letter of the alphabet. Pen a quick story using as many words as you can that begin with your chosen letter.
  • Create a story around these minor mishaps: getting drenched in a storm, dialing the wrong number, and burning the roast. See if you can manage a surprise ending!
  • Combine these objects into a story: a locked suitcase, a necklace, a raincoat, and a flat tire.
  • What's the best school field trip you ever took?
  • Describe the best family vacation you ever had.
  • Create a news article to go with the headline, "Rain Continues to Pour Across the Country."
  • Completely describe a room in your house. Use rich details and images.
  • What's in your desk? Or bookbag? Describe in as many details as possible.
  • Think of yourself as a camera taking a photograph. Take a picture in your mind's-eye of a neighbor. Now, describe your neighbor.
  • What's your most treasured possession? Explain its significance to you.
  • Finish this story: "Promptly, at six o'clock, the doorbell rang."
  • Finish the story: "I was quite nervous as I pushed open the door and entered the room."
  • Finish this story: "William was a tiny black ant."
  • Finish this story: "The air was heavy and full of haze."
  • Answer this question: How did the elephant get its wrinkles? (Yes, you may make it up!).

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