Refreshing July Writing Prompts!

Invigorate summer writing lessons with these July writing prompts! Whether you teach in a summer or year-round program, advise a writing club or offer tutoring, this list of ideas will refreshen those July classes. Of course, you can also use them any time of year!

  • This month was named for the Roman emperor Julius Caesar. What do think it would be like to be ruler over ancient Rome?
  • Describe your ideal, one-of-a-kind hideaway. What would it look like? Where it would be located? How big would it be? Would you allow anyone else to visit?
  • Picture your favorite food. Use sensory details to create such a delicious description that your reader will HAVE to sample the dish!
  • Create a summary and review of the worst movie you've ever seen or the worst book you've ever read. What made it so terrible to you?
  • What's the best daydream you've ever had? Use rich details and actions.
  • What's the strangest dream you've ever had? Use as varied images as possible.
  • You are the key to a lock. What do you open? Describe your adventures from your point of view.
  • Suppose a rock-and-roll band moved into the upstairs apartment. What happens next?
  • Create a folktale explaining why stars appear to twinkle.
  • Make up a story explaining why tigers have stripes and cheetahs have spots.
  • Create a folktale that explains why ice melts. Be imaginative!
  • Persuade lawmakers to make your birthday an official holiday. Be convincing!
  • You want your parents to raise your allowance. How will you convince them to do this? What specific reasons will you give?
  • A gift wrapped package arrives on your doorstep, addressed to you. You open it and discover personalized pencils, fancy shoelaces, a homework machine, a winged horse figurine, and a magic kite. Now what?
  • The doctor prescribes a bottle of vocabulary vitamins to pep up your language. How does writing and speaking change for you? What interesting episodes happen in your life?
  • You own a magic shop and need to sell the following merchandise: the goose that laid the golden eggs, a singing goat, an evil computer, a doghouse that's really a mansion on the inside, a treasure map, and a talking teapot. Create classified ads that fully describe each item, including the price, and list any special "selling" features.
  • A Martian visitor to Earth sends a note to her teacher back on Mars. What does she say?
  • Using the official castle stationery, Cinderella pens a letter to her stepmother's attorney. What might Cindy need to discuss?
  • Mother Goose phones her travel agent. What are her plans?
  • What would have happened if Queen Isabella of Spain had refused to finance Columbus' voyages?
  • What if all the barnyard animals had originally worked together to help the Little Red Hen bake bread?
  • Suppose the school board voted to close all schools in the district for three years. Then what?
  • What if the printing press had never been invented?
  • What if all interstate highways were closed ten years ago?
  • In the morning, you find a delicate four-leaf clover. Describe the rest of your day.
  • In your hands, you hold the last pencil in the world. Now tell the last story in the world.
  • You are offered your own television show because you are an expert. On what topic are you an expert? How did you become an expert? How have you used your expertise? Discuss your new television show.
  • The genie ran out of wishes! Explain how this happened and how he gets his wish-granting powers back!
  • Describe the top ten party ideas.
  • Describe the top ten vacation spots!
  • Describe the top ten excuses (for anything!).

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