Fun Spelling Activities for Every Day of the Year!

Fun spelling activities enliven any subject. Whether you're reviewing spelling rules or teaching vocabulary, try these spelling games. Activities offer an enjoyable way to reinforce spelling skills.

Every vocabulary or spelling activity can be implemented across the curriculum, enriching each unit of study during your day. Creative spelling activities also offer a way to differentiate instruction through each of the nine multiple intelligences. Here's a grab bag of kid-tested spelling games and projects to bolster spelling and conceptual vocabulary. Enjoy!

Spelling Games: Activities for Teams and Partners

  • Play Hangman using spelling or unit vocabulary words.

  • Play Spelling Baseball. Divide your class into teams. Designate different parts of the room as bases, so that players can actually move around a baseball diamond. Call the name of a student, and he or she must spell the indicated word. If the child spells the word correctly, he or she moves to a base. If not, the student takes his or her seat. Next, choose a student from the other team to spell a new word. Continue playing in this manner, keeping track of the "runs" scored by each team to determine the winner.

  • Spelling Shuffle: Write the letters of the spelling words on index cards. Shuffle the cards and then see how fast a student can spell all of the words using the letters on the cards.

  • Spelling Concentration: Write spelling words on two sets of index cards. Shuffle the cards and place them facedown on a table. Each student takes a turn by turning over two cards. If the cards match, the student keeps that pair of cards. Play continues until all the cards have been matched.

  • Spelling Scrabble: Use the game board and pieces but have students spell their spelling or vocabulary words.

Fun Spelling Activities for Independent Projects

  • Create a travel brochure using spelling or vocabulary words. Fold construction paper into thirds. Design, write, and illustrate the brochure using a spelling or vocabulary list.

  • Using graph paper, create a spelling or vocabulary word search.

  • Design a spelling or vocabulary crossword puzzle, complete with clues, a blank puzzle sheet, and answer key.

  • Make an illustrated dictionary of spelling or vocabulary words.

  • Sculpt spelling or vocabulary words out of play dough or modeling clay.

I hope this quick-and-easy list of hans-on spelling activities has inspired you to develop your own enjoyable ideas. Here's to improved spelling and vocabulary skills all around!

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