Ye Olde Fairy Tale Writing Prompts, or Tales With a Twist!

Ever looked at old stories in a new way? Do so with these fairy tale writing prompts! Cinderella refusing to marry the prince? Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf as best friends forever? The Bremen Town musicians with a recording contract? sleeping Beauty awaking early? Challenge your students to write tales with a twist!

  • While locked in the tower, suppose Rapunzel always kept her hair styled in the latest fashion, instead of allowing it to grow?
  • Instead of a house made of gingerbread, Hansel and Gretel discover a house made of what else? Instead of a witch living inside the house, who lives there?
  • What if Cinderella refused to marry the prince?
  • What if Litle Red Riding Hood became a close friend to the wolf?
  • Instead of living at the woodland cottage after frightening away the robbers, what might happen if the Bremen Town musicians actually moved to Bremen Town and got a recording contract?
  • Suppose the elves refused to make shoes for the shoemaker.
  • Imagine that Sleeping Beauty awoke early, without a prince's kiss.
  • Snow White accidentally breaks the magic mirror. What happens next?
  • The queen never guesses Rumpelstiltskin's name. How does she ultimately foil his plans?
  • Suppose no one EVER told the emperor about his lack of clothing!
  • Instead of the little mermaid becoming a human girl, the prince agreed to become a sea creature. How does this change the story?
  • Instead of a pea, the princess slept on rocks!

Start composing those new tales now!

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