Truly Amazing Creative Writing with Truly Amazing Animals Writing Prompts

Writing across the currriculum? Use these animals writing prompts to guide your students into fresh creative narratives based upon the wonders of the natural world. Perfect extensions for science units, these writing ideas springboard from the amazing abilities of decorator crabs, bats, dragonflies, snowy owls, giraffes, and wolves. Finished stories, complete with student illustrations, make great display projects.
  • On the ocean floor, decorator crabs cover themselves with pieces of moss, seaweed, and sponge. These disguises hide the crabs from predators. What inventive disguises might you create, and for what reasons?
  • A bat hunts by echolocation, bouncing the sound waves of its squeaks off its prey. If you had the bat's ability to echolocate, how would you use it? How would your life change?
  • Dragonflies can fly at about 30 mph; imagine you journeyed with the dragonflies for a day. Describe your adventures above the pond's surface.
  • Snowy owls are well adapted to their Arctic habitat, with even their toes covered by a feathery coat. How do you adapt to snowy weather? What are some of your favorite snowy activities?
  • Giraffes are the tallest land animals, measuring up to twenty feet in height. Imagine that a giant came to visit you. Describe a day with your new friend.
  • A wolf's ears can hear a watch ticking from thirty-three feet away. How would your life change if your sense of hearing was as sharp as a wolf's? Explain.

Add these ideas to your science units or animal studies.

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